Does My Organization Need C.I.S.M?

C.I.S.M. is a part of a multi-faceted approach to mental health in the workplace.  Courses will equip participants to competently provide their part of the overall program.  No component of C.I.S.M. is intended to be a stand-alone intervention.  Pre-incident education and follow-up contact with affected individuals after an event are both very important.

C.I.S.M. – What Could Go Wrong?

Like any tool if C.I.S.M. is used improperly or inappropriately harm could be caused to the recipients of the intervention.   One of the easiest misadventures will be to apply the wrong intervention at the wrong time or to the wrong people.   C.I.S.M. is an early intervention with techniques used in the hours and days following an emotionally straining event.   It is predicated on an assessment of need in the target population, not the event that took place.  Intervening too […]