Q.     What course will be right for your organization?

A.     Contact Steve and talk about it.  All of your questions will get answered.


Q.     How much do courses cost?

A.     The standard two-day course fee is $350 per participant when taught at your facility to a minimum of 10 participants.   Travel, number of participants, multiple course bookings and your organization’s core functions will be considered in the final agreed pricing.

For more intimate or executive classes a specific fee will be negotiated.  Steve will come to you with all materials required for a positive and productive learning experience.


Q.     I have a lot of people who could use this training.  How big can classes be?

A.     Different formats can be arranged depending on your group’s needs, size, and availability.  The standard I.C.I.S.F. courses require specific contact hours with the instructor for completion.  They typically run over the course of two sequential days.   The most effective learning will take place with classes of between 10 and 24.   The Assisting Individuals In Crisis course may be taught to smaller classes however in order to have the best outcome for the Group Crisis Intervention course, a group of at least 6 is required.

Larger classes can be accommodated with the addition of an assisting instructor who is also I.C.I.S.F. Approved or a mental health professional.   Contact Steve for more information.


Q.      I want to book a course.   What do I do next?

A.     Use the contact page of this site or send an email to cismtrainer@gmail.com and Steve will get back to you promptly.